About us.

The Rehobot Foundation promotes, develops and coordinates social, cultural and religious initiatives and activities aimed at achieving the well-being of the person in harmony with moral and Christian principles.

The Foundation takes its name from the Rehoboth well which is remembered in the Old Testament (Genesis 26,22) as the place where everyone can progress without more strife and enmity.
“Then he (Isaac) set out from there and dug another well, over which they (the Philistines) did not quarrel. And he called him Rehoboth because he said: ‘Now the Lord has given us free space and we will prosper in the land. ‘”

It carries out activities aimed at helping those who find themselves in situations of precariousness and state of need. It helps every person, victim of war conflicts, natural disasters, exploitation or marginalization, to recover the sense of their identity and the awareness of being a precious and important piece of the human community.