Environmental emergency – Earthquake and reconstruction

On Sunday, March 22, 2020, a magnitude 5.4 earthquake wakes and scares the city of Zagreb. The damage caused to health, sacral and school structures and in particular to private homes are enormous. The city changes its face in a few minutes. Fear and dismay assail the population while civil institutions are working, with concrete gestures of generous solidarity, to move the sick to less dangerous areas than hospitals and to organize initial reception centers for earthquake victims.
Numerous families are forced to abandon their unusable home.
The Foundation becomes presence and response with two interventions:

  • material support – participates in the costs of repairing apartments and homes of families with large children, in need and without income.
  • psychological support – with the project “Let’s Reconstruct the Person” accompanies the victims to process the fear, to overcome the trauma caused by the loss of the house with a mortgage yet to be paid, to accept to live an undefined period in the student home with all discomforts of forced coexistence.