Life proposals

This project is aimed above all at young students who, for the harmony of their cultural and Christian growth, aspire to knowledge of the truth.
Drawing on the Word of God, they commit themselves to being a Christian presence in society and in the world of school and work.
Once a month, under the guidance of a priest and a couple who live their marriage according to sound Christian principles, a hundred young people aged 18 and over meet in the premises of the Foundation to discuss the Word of God. followed by a catechesis and a short Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.
The meetings always end with a moment of convivial sharing in which people socialize, make new acquaintances, consolidate old ties and lay the foundations of a community that contributes to the spiritual progress of society.
New Christian families and other vocations of young people ready to spend their entire life for God are the fruit of this project.