Source and gift of life.

‘Lord, give me this water so that I am not thirsty anymore’
(Gv 4,15)

After the war conflicts of 1991-95 in the former Yugoslavia, in order to allow the population to return to their homes without an aqueduct and to reactivate agriculture and livestock farming, it was necessary to clean the wells cluttered with rubble, animal carcasses and other war materials. .

The Rehobot Foundation has made accessible as many as 7 wells from where entire villages could draw drinking water to meet all the needs of man and also of animals. The work was conducted by competent and experienced people under the guidance of an engineer and the potability of the water was analyzed and certified.

In 2018, the Rehobot Foundation launched another 'WELL' project in the peripheral area of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to offer drinking water to a seminary and to the poorest people in the neighborhood. For bureaucratic reasons, the updating process took much longer, but with success. The healthiness of the water is also a great help in eradicating diseases due to lack of hygiene, dehydration and contaminated food.